Wall decoration with personality!

My name is Sivylla Anagnostopoulou and I am an interiors preservation specialist. I studied restoration of antique woods and gilding in Florence at the “Palazzo Spinelli” school. During my four year stay in Italy I acquired valuable experience in Adriano Barbieri’s workshop, one of the most renowned restoration specialists of Northern Italy, while simultaneously attending seminars on wall decoration techniques and restoration of older wall decorations. When I returned in Athens in 1996 I founded my own furniture restoration workshop but gradually my passion for wall decoration techniques prevailed. Thus currently I work exclusively with these techniques, creating constantly new compositions. When one of my creations reaches my idea of perfection I feel like a fashion designer. My walls are dressed with… high aesthetics!

Materials – Process – Elaboration

The materials I use for my techniques are many. The basic materials are silk fabrics, laces, crystals and painted papers. Before this, however, as basis, inter alia, I use travertine imitation, stucco veneziano, gold, bronze and silver leafs. To tie all of this together, however, many acrylic paints, countless hagiography dusts and of course, plenty of varnish are required for finishing.

Virtual simulation using technology for even more realistic approach

When the sample* is finished I like to use it as background to an imaginary indoor or outdoor space fabricate in the computer with the help of course of special techniques and programs. So you, with the help of perspective, you can perceive it better.

Wallpapers with your own “signature” – A more affordable solution to your own personality

For you who want to renew your home or store very often your wall could be dressed with wallpaper that has copied a sample made especially for you. The wallpaper is much easier to be removed and be substituted by a new one. Aesthetically, of course, it’s not corresponding to the beauty of a hand-made wall, but it is a great substitute.

* As sample is meant a surface of MDF measuring approximately 1,50m x 1,70m, where I realize a specific style.